Founded in 1980, we have been producing and selling high quality, premium garlic for more than 30 years. AAERMES began as a simple garlic packing house, selling whole bulbs of garlic to the marketplace. Over time, we have advanced from a basic packing house to a competitive international trading company.


Our packing base and warehouse is strategically located in Pizhou – which is one the four major garlic production regions in China. By the end of 2008, AQSIQ had officially approved the implementation of the Protection of Geographical Iconic Production of the Pizhou White Garlic brand. And by the end of 2009, Pizhou white garlic standardization demonstration zone had been designated by Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Economic and Trade Office, and Department of Finance as the garlic export base of Jiangsu Province.


As quality is of everything for AAERMES, and for our clients, you can be assured of the following attributes of our top-grade Pizhou white garlic – large bulbs, white skins, true and robust crispy taste, moderately spicy, fewer cloves, solid and tidy shapes, as well as storage-and-transportation lasting.


The company’s garlic business line has grown dramatically over the years, but the keys to its success have remained constant: providing quality garlic to our customers is foremost. But, just as important, we offer exceptional customer service and the comfort of working with a trusted, reliable partner for healthy long-term partnerships.


While offering quality garlic to the world, the company’s other original products simply add tasty dynamism and sophistication onto its brand image, keeping the buying experience as surprising as satisfying. Such collections include hand-painted silk and linen scarves, hand-painted traditional imperial-court-style lady’s hand-fans, crocheted items such as shawls, bikinis and handbags, hand-made pearl/ semi-precious gemstone earrings and necklaces etc.


If you are into garlic, you have found the right house; if you are into handicrafts, you have found the ideal workshop; if you are not sure what you are into, well, perhaps browsing our website is a promising start.