Pizhou White/Red Garlic


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When clients come to us for garlic, they always want one thing above everything else: QUALITY. And we deliver. With efficient control over our 46,000 hectares of fields, we offer superb quality around the world.

Our garlic packing base and warehouse is strategically located in Pizhou – which is one of the four major garlic production regions in China. The region is well known for not only a semi-humid warm temperate monsoon climate, abundant sunshine and rainfall (the annual average temperature is 13.9 degrees Celsius, rainfall 903.6 mm), but also rich and fertile soil – all characteristics devoted to create the ideal conditions for growing garlic.

Moreover, by the end of 2008, AQSIQ had officially approved the implementation of the protection of geographical iconic production of the Pizhou White Garlic brand.  The Geographical Iconic Product Protection is a shared intellectual property rights for all of its member applicants within the region, it is also a gold standard, equivalent to an international passport. Pizhou white garlic has been the first Geographical Iconic Product in the history of Xuzhou, gaining an “international green pass” to explore the outbound market.

By the end of 2009, Pizhou white garlic standardization demonstration zone had been designated by Jiangsu Provincial Foreign Economic and Trade Office, and Department of Finance as the garlic export base of Jiangsu Province. Today, Pizhou white garlic products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions including Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea. With the highest rate in both sales volume and exportation raking No. 1 in China, Pizhou has become the country’s garlic export demonstration region.

As quality is of everything for AAERMES, and for our clients, you can be assured of the following attributes of our top-grade Pizhou white garlic – large bulbs, white skins, true and robust crispy taste, moderately spicy, fewer cloves, solid and tidy shapes, as well as storage-and-transportation lasting.

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