Powerful Pearls

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So while they hail “Diamonds are the girls’ best friends!” we, on the other hand, bow to the power of pears.

Our art director simply loves pearls! And we are not talking about the big, utterly round-shaped and flawless wild pearls – perfection is good, but a little rebel is always better. After all, whether wild or cultured, the unique beauty and elegance a pearl delivers to a person has always been the same!

At AAERMES Workshop, we hand pick each and every one of the pearls to fashion them into various exquisite yet highly affordable accessories. And our designers love to work with Baroque pearls – these irregular non-spherical shaped ones ranging from minor aberrations to distinctly ovoid, curved, pinch, or lumpy shapes have never failed to inspire our work.

It is common knowledge that rare jewels such as fine quality natural pearls were once upon a time worn only by either the royalties or the wealthiest…until 1950s, when a significant number of women in developed countries could afford their own cultured pearl necklace; natural pearls were then reduced to a small, exclusive niche in the pearl industry.

And now, China has become the world’s largest producer of freshwater pearls, producing more than 1,500 metric tons per year. Of course this has lifted all us pearl-lovers’ spirits tremendously! Well, right now, royalties or not, you don’t have to be as wealthy as Croesus to purchase your own pearls.

So come to AAERMES Workshop, we make that happen! Get that pearl power installed today by clicking here.